The Spree, CoolEuroUK Session and The Admiral Bar

ICYMI: Arlene performed at The Spree, Paisley’s National Arts Festival.

arleneRachelleBrittanyHere’s Arlene at The Spree with two talented 15-year-olds, Rachelle & Brittany Davies, who also performed on the Danny Kyle Open Stage.

Arlene also released her second CoolEuroUK session:

Last night, Arlene performed at The Admiral Bar where she opened for Marilyn Middleton and Sandy Stanage.

(left: Arlene with Marilyn Middleton, right: Arlene with Tom (left) and Ian (right) from Star Folk

Arlene’s next performance will be tonight, 7pm at 13th Note (50-60 King St, Glasgow G1 5QT, United Kingdom).

If you’re down for some live music and are in the Glasgow area tonight, hope to see you there!


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