Songwriter’s Association of Canada 4×4 Songwriting Challenge: Week 1

Hello wonderful people!

I have submitted to a 4 week challenge with the Songwriter’s Association of Canada where we have to write a song each week with different challenges to consider.  This week we’re challenged to write a 2 chord song or a song with a repetitive vocal riff.  I decided to try both out with a new song called Over You.  I wrote the majority of the song with my Yamaha APXT2 guitar and came up with the vocal riff on my favourite instrument, a keyboard, Yamaha of course!  Initially, the vocal riff was going to be “I lo-o-o-ve you” which I came up with while I was driving, however, I thought to myself, why not write another song not about love.  They’re easier!  😀

I decided to go with F and Dm chords.  I researched The BeatlesEleanor Rigby just to get an idea of how they structured their two chord hit and got an idea of starting with the F for the verses and Dm in the chorus and bridge.

I took the advice of our challenger, Murray Daigle, who suggested to write the hook first and then build from that.  I was told that Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters writes his songs creating a strong hook and then turning those into the verses and creating a new hook, which is probably why he creates super catchy tunes.  What a great way of songwriting!

Here’s the song, I hope you enjoy it! I recorded it off my Samsung S6, so it’s totally stripped down and raw.

Over You Lyrics:
I see you across the room with that brand new girl
I know you left me to get another thrill
Now you’re walking my with that smirk on your face
Don’t worry baby, I won’t fall again, ’cause I got this to say:

I’m over, over, over you

Now you’re trying to use that old charm on me
Sweet talking about future possibilities
When you’re brand new baby is standing across the room
Don’t worry my dear, I won’t fall here, ’cause I gotta tell you the truth

I’m over, over, over you

Tired of your silly games
Tired of your sweet pet names
Gotta warn all the ladies in line
That you’re not worth their time

I’m over, over, over you

I’m looking forward to next week’s challenge and good luck to all those participating!

🙂 Arlene


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