Songwriter’s Association of Canada 4×4 Songwriting Challenge: Week 2


I’m happy you stopped on by.  I’m at the half way mark of the Songwriters Association of Canada’s 4×4 Songwriting Challenge.  This week’s challenge was given to us by Bryan Potvin to write a song with a story.  Initially I thought of creating a story about someone with a terminal illness and how they go about their lives in a positive manner.  Then as soon as I got to my piano, this story unfolded.  It’s obviously a made up story, but the emotion behind it rings true to me – as a theatre graduate it’s fun to dive into different ideas and stories and figure out how that resonates with me.  Also, before I wrote the last verse, I thought to myself ‘OK. Which direction do you want to go in, where it’s a happy ending or a heart breaking one?’…aaand I’m sorry I chose the latter.  Usually I’d write the lyrics down and then add music, however, this time they came together at the same time which was nice.

Here is the song:


September came, new rules, that’s when I met you
I saw you across the room and what do you do?
You walk on by and you handed me a letter
It read, ‘I’d like to get to know you’

Days passed and we sent letters across the desk
Smiling as each word was written and read
Our eyes would meet and my heart skipped a beat
Waiting for the end of the day

I’ll wait, you wait, we wait for the day to be together (2x)

On our 5th year you bowed down on one knee
You said you’d love to have my company
For the rest of your life could I be your wife
And my heart skipped a beat


The day came when you were sent out to fight
You assured me that you’ll be alright
You promised to send me letters and you’ll be home just in time
For our little Junior to be born

Now hundreds of letters flood our kitchen table
With so many ‘I love you’s’ and ‘I miss your kisses’
I held on to each one dearly and so did your son who clearly
Is a spitting image of you


A knock at the door, my feet flew off the floor
I’m half afraid that it might not be you
And, oh, my fears were right, you weren’t in sight
But a man who held your uniform that smelled just like you

I’ll wait, you wait, we wait for the day to be together…again

Thank you for listening! Stay tuned for the next song challenge!
<3 Arlene



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