Songwriter’s Association of Canada 4×4 Songwriting Challenge: Week 3


I’m excited for this week’s challenge.  Our challenger Michael Perlmutter gave us the task to build a relationship in songwriting and write a song about a relationship. I was fortunate to work with a very talented friend of mine that I have seen grow in the past few years.  Mae Janelle is an absolutely incredible singer-songwriter who has a voice that is out of this world and creates clever melodies and heartfelt lyrics.  It was truly an honour to work with her!

Our process was actually the way I’ve been wanting to collaborate with my friends I met in Europe.  Due to our busy schedules, we sent ideas through Facebook Messenger.  Mae Janelle sent me a really cool chord progression and I started to strum them in a rock kind of rhythm, just strumming down quickly.  We both agreed that we would write about heartbreak.  It’s one of my favourite things to write about! Hehe! As I continued to strum, I let the lyrics and melody come out with no judgement and I began to sing: ‘Isn’t it funny how we come we’ve come to this/and doesn’t it seem pointless to talk about it/I know you told me…mumble mumble…” There was more to that, but basically with the help of Mae Janelle’s cool progression, those lyrics and melody formed.

From there, Mae Janelle added a pre-chorus and chorus.  She mentioned that the lyric ‘say your prayers‘ just came out.  I feel like we both just let the music speak to us and the ideas came flowing out through our voice and words.  So organic!  I love it!  We continued to bounce ideas back and forth, sending voice notes through messenger.  Oh technology, you’re amazing.

I’m very excited about how our song turned out.  We will have different versions as we’ll be recording the song on our own.  However, stay tuned because we plan to record it together with all the works!

Here it is, “Somebody Like You” written by Mae Janelle and me!


Isn’t it funny how we’ve come to this?
Doesn’t it seem pointless to talk about it?
Well, last night you were out with the guys
Tonight you’re working over time
It’s 3 am and I’m still all alone

Pre Chorus
I know you told me
I never have to worry
I knew it won’t be easy
Loving somebody, loving someone like you
Somebody like you

So go on , go on, say your prayers
So go on, go on, like you never cared
Cause I’ll never love somebody like you again

Can’t resist the feeling we’re just wasting time
Once connected, now our souls don’t intertwine
You come home to resent me
I’ll wake up feeling empty
It’s 4 am and I’m still all alone


Good luck to all the participants of this 4×4 challenge! Thank you for listening 😀

<3 Arlene


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