Songwriter’s Association of Canada 4×4 Songwriting Challenge: Week 4

Hello once again superstar!

I’m pleased to have finished this very fun songwriting challenge with the Songwriter’s Association of Canada.  Thank you to SAC for their amazing support for Canadian original music! I’m excited that our last week’s challenge has been given to us by an incredible Canadian talent EmmaLee that I look up to and have been following her success ever since I saw her perform at a SAC AGM years ago.  So cool!  Our challenge: Tying two tunes together…

My two songs I married together were written the same day – June 6th of this year (according to my voice memo log on my phone 🙂 ).  One was a bluesy song and the other a folky ballad.  I found the main melody by scrolling through the recordings on my phone and picking a song I titled ‘Timing’ to see what the melody is all about.  I listened to it, had no idea what I was writing since I didn’t have anything written down for it in my book (gah!) so I had to figure out my chord progression and lyrics.  The bluesy song was a sultry kind of tune called ‘Best Kept Secret’.  I decided that they could somehow work together or at least I was going to make them work together!  I took the lyrics of ‘Best Kept Secret’ and sang them in the tune of ‘Timing’ and whoooaaa…I got a whole different feel of a song.  How awesome!  The sulty sexy song turned into an everlasting love kind of song.  I really like what it morphed into.  I have to admit my bridge changed each time I sang it so the one in the recording is basically what I thought it should be at the time.  It’s still a work in progress – here you go!

Here are the lyrics to ‘Best Kept Secret’

I want you to know
Your tender loving care makes me go insane
Our chemistry is the what I have to blame
Far far away, that’s where you will stay
We talked about this everyday, and now you have nothing more to say

And I know, I know you’ll have a special place in your heart for my love
And I know, I know you’ll never let her love fill that special place up
I know, I know you’re my best kept secret

I’ll never go that far, but I will just for you
If you forget me, baby, know that I will never forget you
She may be what you need, but you’re the only man that I will ever breathe in
I don’t know if I can be happy without you


I don’t know how long I can keep my tongue tied
I love you, I hope you don’t mind
Don’t know how long I can keep my tongue tied
Wanna say I love you, I hope you don’t mind

I know, I know you’re my best kept secret

<3 Thank you


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