Where should I perform next?

Hi wonderful fan!

I hope your January has been going very well so far.  I have some shows lined up that I hope to see you at!  I will be bringing my loop pedal on stage soon. You’ll definitely want to see what that’s going to sound like – it’ll be interesting since I’m still a beginner at the looping station.


I have a new song that hopes to encourage individuals to look inside themselves and shine their light so bright.  I will be recording a demo of it in the next week or so, please stay tuned!

I posed a question, where should I perform next?  Do you have any suggestions?  Venues that you have come across?  House concerts?  Theatres?  I’d love to hear your suggestions!  Tweet me at @Arlene_Paculan or email me!

See you soon lovely fan! <3 Arlene


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