Outdoor Festivals are THE BEST!

Hi fantastic fan!

As the summer says goodbye, The Cool Ones and I were honoured to play a bunch of outdoor festivals this past August!

Taste of the Danforth
We got to play this amazing festival!  Thank you to Lori for adding us onto the Celebrity Stage line up on their last day!  I will be back in the area for their March of the Santas in December – I’ve been playing there for the past three years, so it was nice to play during the summer at the Alexander the Great Parkette!

Mabuhay Philippines Festival @ Nathan Phillips Square
The Cool Ones and I took the stage at around 1pm to share original and some fun covers.  What I really enjoy about performing at this event is, one of the main organizers, Karen, really loves to promote original music within the Filipino Community!  Thank you Karen for your amazing support!

The Cool Ones: Alan Madhaven (drums) & Doug Norman (bass)












Pedestrian Sundays @ Kensington Market, Toronto
We made our way through the crowds to get to our designated area for Pedestrian Sunday.  First of all, the owner of the store we played in front of was no where to be found, and we needed to get power from them – so I panicked a bit.  Well, maybe a lot.  Luckily the head organizer of the event, Patrick, came to the rescue and found us an outlet and we set up to rock out on Baldwin Street.  Thank you Patrick for your support and to all that stopped by to listen to us play!  Check us out with our guest, May on saxophone!

The Cool Ones: Alan Madhaven (drums), Doug Norman (bass), May Akanuma (saxophone)

Stay tuned for more festivals coming throughout the rest of the year! Things to look out for: indie week, International Pop Overthrow and more! You can keep a look out here on my TOUR page or subscribe to my newsletter HERE.  🙂

<3 See you soon!!


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