Arlene’s Classy Covers

Hi fan,

Did you know that I’ve been ‘classy-fying’ songs that you probably wouldn’t hear performed by a singer, like myself?  Weeell…if you’ve seen me perform live, you’ll know that I love to sing my mashup cover of Green Day and Eminem.  Don’t believe it?  Come out to a show and request it!

In the mean time, you can check out #ArlenesClassyCovers on my youtube channel! Stay up to date with them on my instagram (@ourleanpea) and if you have any challenges you’d like to request, feel free to leave it in the comment section!

My latest one is a Drake song, Fake Love, requested by my brother, Matt.  Check it out:


P.S. Results for the CBC Searchlight come out tomorrow and we’re crossing our fingers that I’ve advanced to the next round with the help of your amazing votes!  Stay tuned!

<3 Love you all so much! Arlene


CBC Music Searchlight Round 1: Please Vote Daily :D

Hi fan!

I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far.
I’ve entered the CBC Music Searchlight contest again this year and I hope you can help me by voting daily for my song, Home with You.

To vote, you have to create a login (yes, I knooow, but you only have to do it once) and you must confirm your email address FIRST before you actually log in for the first time.  Then after that it’s easy-peasy. Then you can vote – everyday if you can – This first round ends Monday, February 27, 2017, at 2:59 p.m. ET. THANK YOU! <3

Click on the photo to be directed to my video/song and the voting site! Thank you!

If clicking on the photo doesn’t work fer ya,

Thank you so so much for your help! Feel free to share the song and info! I really appreciate your support!  Also if you want to document yourself voting, instagram me @ourleanpea, Facebook me ArlenePaculanMusic, or tweet me @Arlene_Paculan with a photo of ya! It’d be fun to see!

Have a beautiful day!

<3 Arlene


The Cool Ones

Hello my fab fan!

I am thrilled to be performing with my band, The Cool Ones, this coming Saturday February 4th at The Kennedy Public House.  Joining me on drums is Alan Madhaven and on guitar, Kevin Dworak.  The Cool Ones.

I bet you’re wondering, why did I name my band The Cool Ones?

Weeelll, not only is it because I have the coolest musician friends who enjoy performing my originals and fun covers with me…but it’s because it helps people remember how to pronounce my last name.
Arlene PAH-COOL-IN and The Cool Ones.

And there you go.  See you on the 4th!



Where should I perform next?

Hi wonderful fan!

I hope your January has been going very well so far.  I have some shows lined up that I hope to see you at!  I will be bringing my loop pedal on stage soon. You’ll definitely want to see what that’s going to sound like – it’ll be interesting since I’m still a beginner at the looping station.


I have a new song that hopes to encourage individuals to look inside themselves and shine their light so bright.  I will be recording a demo of it in the next week or so, please stay tuned!

I posed a question, where should I perform next?  Do you have any suggestions?  Venues that you have come across?  House concerts?  Theatres?  I’d love to hear your suggestions!  Tweet me at @Arlene_Paculan or email me!

See you soon lovely fan! <3 Arlene


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hello wonderful fan,

I hope you have a fantastic holiday with your loved ones!  For Christmas, I recorded my version of Joni Mitchell’s River and put together a video of footage I took over the years on my journey to Vancouver and NYC.  I actually meant to use that footage for one of my original song, Running, however, with my lack of shooting skills off my phone, I didn’t get a lot of useful footage.
Please enjoy the song and video!

If you’d like to download the song, you can get that from HERE.

I hope you ring in the new year with love, joy, laughter, and perhaps, LIVE MUSIC with yours truly?  Folly Brewpub has opened it’s doors once again to live music (they decided to stop earlier this year because of their bottleshop) but thankfully they wanted to have live music back in their venue! I’ll be performing with The Cool Ones: Zach Marsh on drums and May Akanuma on sax!


Hope to see you for NYE! If not, check out my TOUR page for upcoming shows.



Happy Holidays!


I hope your December is off to a great start.  I am excited that I’ll be performing once again at the March of the Santas on the Danforth this December 11th at 2pm.  If you’re planning on coming by, the performance is located at the Alexander the Great Parkette on Logan and Danforth.

What Christmas carol would you like to hear?  Send me a request on my Facebook page HERE

Also, if you’re looking for some Christmas carols to add to your playlist, I’d love to share a couple carols that you might know and an original!

Until next time,

<3 Arlene


Catch me weekly at dunk ‘n dip Mondays and Tuesdays!

Hi amazing fan,

I’ll be back at dunk ‘n dip starting the week of October 17th! Mondays I’ll be playing in Milton and Tuesdays I’ll be playing in Port Credit, Mississauga.  Both days run from 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm.
14716358_1124839520896717_7173373671142387392_nI play in an 80s band! Yes, 80s fans, your dream as come true! Hehe…

SIMPLE CELL is the band’s name and I’ll be singing and playing synth for a Halloween Party on October 29th at the Backroom Collective (2 Audley street., Toronto, Ontario M8Y 2X2).  The fun kicks off at 8pm!  Hope you can drop by! (BYOB)

Also, I’ll be performing with The Cool Ones on November 12th for Jammers Waffle House’s CD Release! Tickets at $10.  Fun happens at Clarke Hall in Port Credit at 7pm.  Email for tickets!

<3 you all!


Mabuhay! Here are some Green Apples…

Hello fabulous fan!

Thank you for stopping by my site.  I am very excited to share a fun cover I put together quickly using Cubase – all thanks to Yamaha and their amazing support for my music!

First let me explain why I decided to record a cover of Chantal Kreviazuk’s song, Green Apples.  I saw her perform on Sept 13th with her husband and OLP frontman aka my favourite music influence, Raine Maida.  This power couple has influenced my songwriting – in fact they helped start it by creating amazing songs of their own.  I used to sing and play Chantal’s songs over and over, getting better at my improvising and singing with her incredible range. (And, OLP’s Superman’s Dead was the first song I taught myself on guitar!) Green Apples has been one of my favourite songs by the songstress, such beautiful words and melody.  Thank you Raine Maida and Chantal Kreviazuk!

Listen to the song here:

Earlier this month, I was fortunate to play with my band The Cool Ones at Nathan Phillips Square for the Mabuhay Festival.  Thank you Karen and PIDC for the opportunity!  Thank you to Mannie Panaguiton for taking some amazing shots of our performance!


L-R: Nelson Sobral (guitar), Wayne Sobers (bass), Arlene Paculan (vocals & keys), Anh Phung (flute), Alan Madhaven (drums)



Radio Memphis WiMN: Artist Spotlight is online!

Hi fans!

I’m so excited that you are able to hear my feature from August 6th on soundcloud!  Thank you so much to WAALM and Radio Memphis and to the amazing host, Dirty D, who did such a great job and said some really sweet things! Thank you!! Listen to the show HERE!

Also, I just want to raise your awareness about something dear to my heart.  My nephew has received over 100 blood transfusions and just turned 2 this month.  If you have a chance, please read the article by clicking on the photo below and take time to donate blood if you can. 😀 Thank you! <3

My niece and nephew at his blood transfusion at Sick Kids

See you soon!! I’ll be performing at Nathan Phillips Square on Saturday Sept 3 for the Mabuhay Festival at around 6pm! I’ll be singing one of my songs in Tagalog! Come hear which one!  <3 Arlene


Radio Memphis & Women’s International Music Network

Hello wonderful fan!

I was recently featured as the artist of the week on the Women’s International Music Network  which led me to be featured on Radio Memphis!! I’d like to give a big THANK YOU to both of these amazing organizations! I really appreciate your support! 😀

Thank you all for your amazing support!
See you soon,

<3 Arlene