Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hello wonderful fan,

I hope you have a fantastic holiday with your loved ones!  For Christmas, I recorded my version of Joni Mitchell’s River and put together a video of footage I took over the years on my journey to Vancouver and NYC.  I actually meant to use that footage for one of my original song, Running, however, with my lack of shooting skills off my phone, I didn’t get a lot of useful footage.
Please enjoy the song and video!

If you’d like to download the song, you can get that from HERE.

I hope you ring in the new year with love, joy, laughter, and perhaps, LIVE MUSIC with yours truly?  Folly Brewpub has opened it’s doors once again to live music (they decided to stop earlier this year because of their bottleshop) but thankfully they wanted to have live music back in their venue! I’ll be performing with The Cool Ones: Zach Marsh on drums and May Akanuma on sax!


Hope to see you for NYE! If not, check out my TOUR page for upcoming shows.



Happy Holidays!


I hope your December is off to a great start.  I am excited that I’ll be performing once again at the March of the Santas on the Danforth this December 11th at 2pm.  If you’re planning on coming by, the performance is located at the Alexander the Great Parkette on Logan and Danforth.

What Christmas carol would you like to hear?  Send me a request on my Facebook page HERE

Also, if you’re looking for some Christmas carols to add to your playlist, I’d love to share a couple carols that you might know and an original!

Until next time,

<3 Arlene


Catch me weekly at dunk ‘n dip Mondays and Tuesdays!

Hi amazing fan,

I’ll be back at dunk ‘n dip starting the week of October 17th! Mondays I’ll be playing in Milton and Tuesdays I’ll be playing in Port Credit, Mississauga.  Both days run from 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm.
14716358_1124839520896717_7173373671142387392_nI play in an 80s band! Yes, 80s fans, your dream as come true! Hehe…

SIMPLE CELL is the band’s name and I’ll be singing and playing synth for a Halloween Party on October 29th at the Backroom Collective (2 Audley street., Toronto, Ontario M8Y 2X2).  The fun kicks off at 8pm!  Hope you can drop by! (BYOB)

Also, I’ll be performing with The Cool Ones on November 12th for Jammers Waffle House’s CD Release! Tickets at $10.  Fun happens at Clarke Hall in Port Credit at 7pm.  Email for tickets!

<3 you all!


Mabuhay! Here are some Green Apples…

Hello fabulous fan!

Thank you for stopping by my site.  I am very excited to share a fun cover I put together quickly using Cubase – all thanks to Yamaha and their amazing support for my music!

First let me explain why I decided to record a cover of Chantal Kreviazuk’s song, Green Apples.  I saw her perform on Sept 13th with her husband and OLP frontman aka my favourite music influence, Raine Maida.  This power couple has influenced my songwriting – in fact they helped start it by creating amazing songs of their own.  I used to sing and play Chantal’s songs over and over, getting better at my improvising and singing with her incredible range. (And, OLP’s Superman’s Dead was the first song I taught myself on guitar!) Green Apples has been one of my favourite songs by the songstress, such beautiful words and melody.  Thank you Raine Maida and Chantal Kreviazuk!

Listen to the song here:

Earlier this month, I was fortunate to play with my band The Cool Ones at Nathan Phillips Square for the Mabuhay Festival.  Thank you Karen and PIDC for the opportunity!  Thank you to Mannie Panaguiton for taking some amazing shots of our performance!


L-R: Nelson Sobral (guitar), Wayne Sobers (bass), Arlene Paculan (vocals & keys), Anh Phung (flute), Alan Madhaven (drums)



Radio Memphis WiMN: Artist Spotlight is online!

Hi fans!

I’m so excited that you are able to hear my feature from August 6th on soundcloud!  Thank you so much to WAALM and Radio Memphis and to the amazing host, Dirty D, who did such a great job and said some really sweet things! Thank you!! Listen to the show HERE!

Also, I just want to raise your awareness about something dear to my heart.  My nephew has received over 100 blood transfusions and just turned 2 this month.  If you have a chance, please read the article by clicking on the photo below and take time to donate blood if you can. 😀 Thank you! <3

My niece and nephew at his blood transfusion at Sick Kids

See you soon!! I’ll be performing at Nathan Phillips Square on Saturday Sept 3 for the Mabuhay Festival at around 6pm! I’ll be singing one of my songs in Tagalog! Come hear which one!  <3 Arlene


Radio Memphis & Women’s International Music Network

Hello wonderful fan!

I was recently featured as the artist of the week on the Women’s International Music Network  which led me to be featured on Radio Memphis!! I’d like to give a big THANK YOU to both of these amazing organizations! I really appreciate your support! 😀

Thank you all for your amazing support!
See you soon,

<3 Arlene


Songwriter’s Association of Canada 4×4 Songwriting Challenge: Week 4

Hello once again superstar!

I’m pleased to have finished this very fun songwriting challenge with the Songwriter’s Association of Canada.  Thank you to SAC for their amazing support for Canadian original music! I’m excited that our last week’s challenge has been given to us by an incredible Canadian talent EmmaLee that I look up to and have been following her success ever since I saw her perform at a SAC AGM years ago.  So cool!  Our challenge: Tying two tunes together…

My two songs I married together were written the same day – June 6th of this year (according to my voice memo log on my phone 🙂 ).  One was a bluesy song and the other a folky ballad.  I found the main melody by scrolling through the recordings on my phone and picking a song I titled ‘Timing’ to see what the melody is all about.  I listened to it, had no idea what I was writing since I didn’t have anything written down for it in my book (gah!) so I had to figure out my chord progression and lyrics.  The bluesy song was a sultry kind of tune called ‘Best Kept Secret’.  I decided that they could somehow work together or at least I was going to make them work together!  I took the lyrics of ‘Best Kept Secret’ and sang them in the tune of ‘Timing’ and whoooaaa…I got a whole different feel of a song.  How awesome!  The sulty sexy song turned into an everlasting love kind of song.  I really like what it morphed into.  I have to admit my bridge changed each time I sang it so the one in the recording is basically what I thought it should be at the time.  It’s still a work in progress – here you go!

Here are the lyrics to ‘Best Kept Secret’

I want you to know
Your tender loving care makes me go insane
Our chemistry is the what I have to blame
Far far away, that’s where you will stay
We talked about this everyday, and now you have nothing more to say

And I know, I know you’ll have a special place in your heart for my love
And I know, I know you’ll never let her love fill that special place up
I know, I know you’re my best kept secret

I’ll never go that far, but I will just for you
If you forget me, baby, know that I will never forget you
She may be what you need, but you’re the only man that I will ever breathe in
I don’t know if I can be happy without you


I don’t know how long I can keep my tongue tied
I love you, I hope you don’t mind
Don’t know how long I can keep my tongue tied
Wanna say I love you, I hope you don’t mind

I know, I know you’re my best kept secret

<3 Thank you


Songwriter’s Association of Canada 4×4 Songwriting Challenge: Week 3


I’m excited for this week’s challenge.  Our challenger Michael Perlmutter gave us the task to build a relationship in songwriting and write a song about a relationship. I was fortunate to work with a very talented friend of mine that I have seen grow in the past few years.  Mae Janelle is an absolutely incredible singer-songwriter who has a voice that is out of this world and creates clever melodies and heartfelt lyrics.  It was truly an honour to work with her!

Our process was actually the way I’ve been wanting to collaborate with my friends I met in Europe.  Due to our busy schedules, we sent ideas through Facebook Messenger.  Mae Janelle sent me a really cool chord progression and I started to strum them in a rock kind of rhythm, just strumming down quickly.  We both agreed that we would write about heartbreak.  It’s one of my favourite things to write about! Hehe! As I continued to strum, I let the lyrics and melody come out with no judgement and I began to sing: ‘Isn’t it funny how we come we’ve come to this/and doesn’t it seem pointless to talk about it/I know you told me…mumble mumble…” There was more to that, but basically with the help of Mae Janelle’s cool progression, those lyrics and melody formed.

From there, Mae Janelle added a pre-chorus and chorus.  She mentioned that the lyric ‘say your prayers‘ just came out.  I feel like we both just let the music speak to us and the ideas came flowing out through our voice and words.  So organic!  I love it!  We continued to bounce ideas back and forth, sending voice notes through messenger.  Oh technology, you’re amazing.

I’m very excited about how our song turned out.  We will have different versions as we’ll be recording the song on our own.  However, stay tuned because we plan to record it together with all the works!

Here it is, “Somebody Like You” written by Mae Janelle and me!


Isn’t it funny how we’ve come to this?
Doesn’t it seem pointless to talk about it?
Well, last night you were out with the guys
Tonight you’re working over time
It’s 3 am and I’m still all alone

Pre Chorus
I know you told me
I never have to worry
I knew it won’t be easy
Loving somebody, loving someone like you
Somebody like you

So go on , go on, say your prayers
So go on, go on, like you never cared
Cause I’ll never love somebody like you again

Can’t resist the feeling we’re just wasting time
Once connected, now our souls don’t intertwine
You come home to resent me
I’ll wake up feeling empty
It’s 4 am and I’m still all alone


Good luck to all the participants of this 4×4 challenge! Thank you for listening 😀

<3 Arlene


Songwriter’s Association of Canada 4×4 Songwriting Challenge: Week 2


I’m happy you stopped on by.  I’m at the half way mark of the Songwriters Association of Canada’s 4×4 Songwriting Challenge.  This week’s challenge was given to us by Bryan Potvin to write a song with a story.  Initially I thought of creating a story about someone with a terminal illness and how they go about their lives in a positive manner.  Then as soon as I got to my piano, this story unfolded.  It’s obviously a made up story, but the emotion behind it rings true to me – as a theatre graduate it’s fun to dive into different ideas and stories and figure out how that resonates with me.  Also, before I wrote the last verse, I thought to myself ‘OK. Which direction do you want to go in, where it’s a happy ending or a heart breaking one?’…aaand I’m sorry I chose the latter.  Usually I’d write the lyrics down and then add music, however, this time they came together at the same time which was nice.

Here is the song:


September came, new rules, that’s when I met you
I saw you across the room and what do you do?
You walk on by and you handed me a letter
It read, ‘I’d like to get to know you’

Days passed and we sent letters across the desk
Smiling as each word was written and read
Our eyes would meet and my heart skipped a beat
Waiting for the end of the day

I’ll wait, you wait, we wait for the day to be together (2x)

On our 5th year you bowed down on one knee
You said you’d love to have my company
For the rest of your life could I be your wife
And my heart skipped a beat


The day came when you were sent out to fight
You assured me that you’ll be alright
You promised to send me letters and you’ll be home just in time
For our little Junior to be born

Now hundreds of letters flood our kitchen table
With so many ‘I love you’s’ and ‘I miss your kisses’
I held on to each one dearly and so did your son who clearly
Is a spitting image of you


A knock at the door, my feet flew off the floor
I’m half afraid that it might not be you
And, oh, my fears were right, you weren’t in sight
But a man who held your uniform that smelled just like you

I’ll wait, you wait, we wait for the day to be together…again

Thank you for listening! Stay tuned for the next song challenge!
<3 Arlene



Songwriter’s Association of Canada 4×4 Songwriting Challenge: Week 1

Hello wonderful people!

I have submitted to a 4 week challenge with the Songwriter’s Association of Canada where we have to write a song each week with different challenges to consider.  This week we’re challenged to write a 2 chord song or a song with a repetitive vocal riff.  I decided to try both out with a new song called Over You.  I wrote the majority of the song with my Yamaha APXT2 guitar and came up with the vocal riff on my favourite instrument, a keyboard, Yamaha of course!  Initially, the vocal riff was going to be “I lo-o-o-ve you” which I came up with while I was driving, however, I thought to myself, why not write another song not about love.  They’re easier!  😀

I decided to go with F and Dm chords.  I researched The BeatlesEleanor Rigby just to get an idea of how they structured their two chord hit and got an idea of starting with the F for the verses and Dm in the chorus and bridge.

I took the advice of our challenger, Murray Daigle, who suggested to write the hook first and then build from that.  I was told that Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters writes his songs creating a strong hook and then turning those into the verses and creating a new hook, which is probably why he creates super catchy tunes.  What a great way of songwriting!

Here’s the song, I hope you enjoy it! I recorded it off my Samsung S6, so it’s totally stripped down and raw.

Over You Lyrics:
I see you across the room with that brand new girl
I know you left me to get another thrill
Now you’re walking my with that smirk on your face
Don’t worry baby, I won’t fall again, ’cause I got this to say:

I’m over, over, over you

Now you’re trying to use that old charm on me
Sweet talking about future possibilities
When you’re brand new baby is standing across the room
Don’t worry my dear, I won’t fall here, ’cause I gotta tell you the truth

I’m over, over, over you

Tired of your silly games
Tired of your sweet pet names
Gotta warn all the ladies in line
That you’re not worth their time

I’m over, over, over you

I’m looking forward to next week’s challenge and good luck to all those participating!

🙂 Arlene