Songwriter’s Association of Canada 4×4 Songwriting Challenge: Week 2


I’m happy you stopped on by.  I’m at the half way mark of the Songwriters Association of Canada’s 4×4 Songwriting Challenge.  This week’s challenge was given to us by Bryan Potvin to write a song with a story.  Initially I thought of creating a story about someone with a terminal illness and how they go about their lives in a positive manner.  Then as soon as I got to my piano, this story unfolded.  It’s obviously a made up story, but the emotion behind it rings true to me – as a theatre graduate it’s fun to dive into different ideas and stories and figure out how that resonates with me.  Also, before I wrote the last verse, I thought to myself ‘OK. Which direction do you want to go in, where it’s a happy ending or a heart breaking one?’…aaand I’m sorry I chose the latter.  Usually I’d write the lyrics down and then add music, however, this time they came together at the same time which was nice.

Here is the song:


September came, new rules, that’s when I met you
I saw you across the room and what do you do?
You walk on by and you handed me a letter
It read, ‘I’d like to get to know you’

Days passed and we sent letters across the desk
Smiling as each word was written and read
Our eyes would meet and my heart skipped a beat
Waiting for the end of the day

I’ll wait, you wait, we wait for the day to be together (2x)

On our 5th year you bowed down on one knee
You said you’d love to have my company
For the rest of your life could I be your wife
And my heart skipped a beat


The day came when you were sent out to fight
You assured me that you’ll be alright
You promised to send me letters and you’ll be home just in time
For our little Junior to be born

Now hundreds of letters flood our kitchen table
With so many ‘I love you’s’ and ‘I miss your kisses’
I held on to each one dearly and so did your son who clearly
Is a spitting image of you


A knock at the door, my feet flew off the floor
I’m half afraid that it might not be you
And, oh, my fears were right, you weren’t in sight
But a man who held your uniform that smelled just like you

I’ll wait, you wait, we wait for the day to be together…again

Thank you for listening! Stay tuned for the next song challenge!
<3 Arlene



Songwriter’s Association of Canada 4×4 Songwriting Challenge: Week 1

Hello wonderful people!

I have submitted to a 4 week challenge with the Songwriter’s Association of Canada where we have to write a song each week with different challenges to consider.  This week we’re challenged to write a 2 chord song or a song with a repetitive vocal riff.  I decided to try both out with a new song called Over You.  I wrote the majority of the song with my Yamaha APXT2 guitar and came up with the vocal riff on my favourite instrument, a keyboard, Yamaha of course!  Initially, the vocal riff was going to be “I lo-o-o-ve you” which I came up with while I was driving, however, I thought to myself, why not write another song not about love.  They’re easier!  😀

I decided to go with F and Dm chords.  I researched The BeatlesEleanor Rigby just to get an idea of how they structured their two chord hit and got an idea of starting with the F for the verses and Dm in the chorus and bridge.

I took the advice of our challenger, Murray Daigle, who suggested to write the hook first and then build from that.  I was told that Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters writes his songs creating a strong hook and then turning those into the verses and creating a new hook, which is probably why he creates super catchy tunes.  What a great way of songwriting!

Here’s the song, I hope you enjoy it! I recorded it off my Samsung S6, so it’s totally stripped down and raw.

Over You Lyrics:
I see you across the room with that brand new girl
I know you left me to get another thrill
Now you’re walking my with that smirk on your face
Don’t worry baby, I won’t fall again, ’cause I got this to say:

I’m over, over, over you

Now you’re trying to use that old charm on me
Sweet talking about future possibilities
When you’re brand new baby is standing across the room
Don’t worry my dear, I won’t fall here, ’cause I gotta tell you the truth

I’m over, over, over you

Tired of your silly games
Tired of your sweet pet names
Gotta warn all the ladies in line
That you’re not worth their time

I’m over, over, over you

I’m looking forward to next week’s challenge and good luck to all those participating!

🙂 Arlene


Montreal & Ottawa Shows

Hi wonderful fans!

I’m proud to announce that I’ll be returning to Montreal this Saturday July 9th. I hope you can come stop by!

I will be also stopping off in Ottawa on July 10th at the Rainbow Bistro with some incredible songwriters and storytellers.  If you’re in the area, I would love to see you then!
13442187_1791197707833271_5372685985365765822_n (1)

See you soon,

<3 Arlene


Hollywood Music in Media Awards Nomination

Hello amazing beautiful fans!

I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful June so far, wherever you are.  I am pleased and honoured to announce that a song that I collaborated with Mosi Dorbayani & WAALM Academy has been nominated for a Hollywood Music in Media Award in the R&B/Soul category!  It was also produced by Nelson Sobral of The Celebration Army! Thank you for the opportunity, HMMAwards!
Hollywood Music Awards Nominee
Check out the lyric video that was created for us:

Hope to see you this week!
Thursday June 23rd: Kat Leonard‘s first Katbaret at Free Times Cafe in Toronto * 7pm
Friday June 24th: On the Verandah 7:30pm with River North at Benares Historic House in Mississauga
Saturday June 25th: Fiesta Filipino in Brampton @ 3pm
Sunday June 26th: One Voice 5:00pm at Maja Prentice Theatre in Mississauga

Have a wonderful day my wonderful fans! <3


Happy Birthday to me – June 9th!

Hi everyone!

My company, Let’s Make Good Productions, had an incredible WonderFest West event in Mississauga this past weekend! So many talents were showcased and we hope those that attended were inspired and empowered. You can view our photo album on Facebook below!

I will be playing with The Cool Ones this Tuesday June 7th at 120 Diner (120 Church St, Toronto).  Wayne Sobers will be on bass and Greg Noguera joins me on percussion.  The lovely Heather Christine will be singing a few of her own tunes and a cover as well!  We’re going to have a great time!

Heather Christine & Arlene Paculan

June 9th, I’ll be turning another year older and my company is putting on another WonderFest Music Series at 120 Diner from 9pm-12am.  Come celebrate with me and see performances by, Leandro Motta, John Orpheus, Stacey Dowswell, Nelson Sobral, and Claire Coupland!

<3 See you soon! Arlene


WonderFest West – June 4th @ Clarke Memorial Hall

My company, Let’s Make Good Productions, is bringing WONDERFEST WEST back to Mississauga this June 4th! Kat Leonard (Artistic Director) and I are thrilled to have Marcelino “Frost” DaCosta lead a dance workshop at 4pm – 5:30pm!  We are also excited for the amazing concert with many talents at 7pm.

Thank you to Chris Clay of the Mississauga News for writing a story about it! Click on the photo for the article online! (Photo credit: Chuck Marave, instagram photo credit: Matt Zaddy)


Purchase tickets by clicking on our poster below!

WonderFestWestJune2016 (1)

See you at WonderFest West! <3


MAC Arts Festival & I’m Worth It T-Shirt Contest Winners

Hi beautiful soul!

I’m proud to announce that I’ll be co-hosting this year’s MACArts Festival on Saturday May 21st at the Mississauga Celebration Square! I will also be performing a song around 4:30pm so please come out and join the festivities!  The event takes place from 1pm – 11pm.

I’m also performing at some really awesome places around Toronto this month – check out my TOUR section!

Thank you to all those that voted for me during the CBC Searchlight contest – although I didn’t make it through this year, I really appreciate all your amazing support!

Also, I’m happy to announce the winners for my “I’m Worth It” T-shirt contest!  Congratulations to Shaun Bloom, Mileena Sobreira, and Cindy Bray! They were able to name all the songs in my mash up – including my original song, Sing Your Heart Out!
Want to see it again? Here it is:

See you soon! <3 Arlene


CBC Searchlight Contest is now open! Please vote for me :)

Dear wonderful fans,

Thank you for stopping by!  I have a favour to ask of you.  Can you please help me advance into the Semi-Finals for the CBC Searchlight Contest in the Greater Toronto Area Region?  I’m so very thankful for your amazing support!  Last year, with your help, I was able to get into the Top 10 Regional Finals!  Please feel free to share the info and you can vote everyday until April 20th at 2:59 ET.

Click on the Searchlight photo below to vote:

unnamed (1)

You also get to see a video of me performing the song in the contest, “I’m Worth It” with Nelson Sobral of The Celebration Army and Wayne Sobers who frequents my TV Show, NightTime on Rogers TV Peel.




Margaret Atwood and Charles Pachter have my album!

Hi fans!

I had fun this past Tuesday March 29th! Special thanks to Kelly Kubik from Museums of Mississauga for the opportunity to perform at Margaret Atwood and Charles Pachter‘s lecture today at the Noel Ryan Auditorium in Mississauga!  They were speaking about their book, The Journals of Susanna Moodie. The event was part of an exhibition at the Bradley Museum on until April 17.

After I gave both of them my album (gotta share the love!) I asked Margaret to sign my lyric book. She held the line up to draw me a cute photo of herself and Charles.  What a special treat!

I learned so much from these incredible Canadian artists.  When asked about the artist’s struggle, Margaret answered “I tried struggling and I don’t like it.” This is one of the reasons I call us striving artists!  She is so witty and funny.  They both are!  She went on to speak about wanting to raise the bar in Canada, which is why she returned back here after studying in the US.  They both talked about how destruction is part of the creative process and how we should always represent our country by being ordinarily kind to visitors and each other. When asked what she does when she has writer’s block, Margaret’s repsonse was “I don’t get writer’s block.” She explained that you have to find another mode of writing.  To express Margaret’s cleverness even more, she said at one point “if you’re not annoying someone, you’re not alive!”

Thank you to Museums of Mississauga, Culture Mississauga, City of Mississauga, and especially these Canadian Icons, Margaret Atwood and Charles Pachter! 

Charles Pachter and Margaret Atwood
My autographed self-portrait of Margaret Atwood and she drew Charles Pachter as well!
I performed as the audience filed into the theatre! Thank you again to Museums of Mississauga and Culture Mississauga! <3 Thanks Mom for the photo!
Just gave Margaret my album. Right before she gave me her autograph 🙂 Sorry for the blurry photo!

Margaret read one of her poems from her book, “The Journals of Susanna Moodie”

Check out my TOUR page for more information about new shows coming up! *For the month of April, I will not be at dunk ‘n dip due to some changes happening at the venue – I will be back either May or June! *

See you soon! <3



Last Folly Brewpub Residency show this FRIDAY!

Hi fabulous fans!

I’m sad to say that Folly Brewpub will no longer have any live entertainment starting April so that means this Friday March 25th will be my last show at the wonderful venue with my band The Cool Ones.  I want to send Folly my many thanks for an incredible 2 years that I’ve been booking WonderFest Series, the Jazz Fest, and my monthly residency gigs. I’m excited for what Folly Brewpub has heading their way in their successful future though!!

Michelle and Luis, you have forever changed my journey as an artist in this music industry and have given me an incredible space to share my music.  I love you both and the staff so so much!  

Now let’s party and send Folly into the brewery world with a big celebration with music this Friday!  Maybe Refuge and Graham Ko join me at 9pm! $5 cover!  Try Folly’s delicious beers, especially the Imposter Syndrome and their Flemish Cap! You’ll have a chance to purchase them and take them home in the near future!


<3 Arlene