NOW’s Best of Toronto Results are in!

It’s me again!  I want to send out a huge THANK YOU to all those that voted for me for Best Songwriter in Now Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Awards.  I received runner-up status after Ron Hawkins of Do Good Assassins! We were up against some songwriting greats like Hayden, Ron Sexsmith, and Emma-Lee!


Ok, off to my gig at Jam!! <3 Arlene


CoolEuroUK Session #6 & #7 ~ Message from Arlene!

Hi everyone! It’s Arlene checking in 🙂 I have a couple new CoolEuroUK sessions for you to view – mainly because I want you to see the beauty that I was able to witness during my travels. #6 is from Amsterdam and #7 is from Nice, where I am currently.  I’m using this week to write write write! I made an outrageous goal of creating 50 songs before I go home – aaand I decided to make that goal when I was near the half way mark of my tour. Whoops. Sooo, I’ve cut it down to 25 songs.  I have written 14 so far.  I like to give myself outrageous goals sometimes! You should try it, you can surprise yourself!

CoolEuroUK Session #7: Nice Beach

Funny fact: I was singing the song “Belle” (from the musical Beauty and the Beast) in my head on my way out the door.  That movie took place in France, didn’t it?  And! The streets here are just like you see in the movies: narrow, scooters and motorbikes making their way through and clothes hanging to dry outside the windows.  Yes, I was amused!

CoolEuroUK Session # 6: de Ruyschkamer (<–Make sure you visit that venue when you go! What a great place!)

This was fun.  I wish I stayed in Amsterdam a little longer, but I can always come back.  The cyclists have it made here.  Not only do they have their own paths, but they have their own traffic lights and they pretty much dominate the roads.  I think I would be really nervous being a cyclist here.
Ok! See you when I get back to Canada!! Check out my tour dates for when I’m performing in the GTA!
<3 Arlene


de Ruyschkamer / Jam

Arlene just finished her performance at de Ruyschkamer in Amsterdam, Netherlands:

Arlene hasn’t finished her Europe tour just yet! She recently booked a new performance at Jam in Nice, France on November 5th.
Hope to see you there if you’re in town!

Have a happy Sunday!


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Hope you have a happy Thursday!


The Jam House

Last night, Arlene performed at The Jam House in Birmingham:

Arlene will be stepping out of the UK to perform at de Ruyschkamer in Amsterdam, Netherlands!
If you’re in the area, feel free to check her out on November 1 @ 7:00pm.

Hope you have a great Wednesday!


CoolEuroUK #5 / SRC Media

I have a new song to share! I wrote it with a very talented singer-songwriter (and one of my best friends) Daniella Fabiano.  This was from the past weekend in High Wycombe, England.  Last time we wrote a song we were both in Toronto!

I have also been discovered by Toronto-based production company, SRC Media! Check out my promo video and like/follow them on Facebook!

Until next time! <3 Arlene


Message from Arlene & CoolEuroUK Session #4

Hello my dear fans!  I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!
I’m currently writing to you from Hadleigh, England and have been hanging out with the sea, which is just south of where I’m staying.  I have a fun short CoolEuroUK Session below which I took on the Southend Pier – which is actually known as the world’s largest pleasure pier in the world!

Seriously.  There were gaps between the planks that made my legs weak and my stomach flip!


Although, the entire pier wasn’t built that way (there were many areas that were built much better!), my eyes reverted down as I walked across because of my fear of heights.  I could see the water underneath me! And! There was a train that came every so often that shook the pier – which also made me way too cautious.  Hehe 😛

Besides that, I’m on my way to High Wycombe this weekend before I head to my gig in Birmingham next Tuesday.  Thanks to my brother, Matthew, you’re getting great updates of my tour!  Great news for fans in Nice, France: I’ll be performing at Jam when I head over there in the beginning of November.  Date will be confirmed soon. 🙂

Also! for Toronto/Mississauga and surrounding area fans, I’ll be starting up at dunk ‘n dip on Monday Nov 16th and every Monday after that!  As well as my monthly residencies at Hirut Restaurant and Folly Brewpub (formerly known as Habits Gastropub).  See my tour page for exact dates!

I will check in real soon! Have a wonderful day!
<3 Arlene